#20 years of the MMI DUT

The subject of this project was to create a mini fictional communication agency among second-year students. We had to find a conductive line to communicate the 20 years of the MMI training in Laval. We chose to make our communication around retro futurism. The key points of our communications are based on the human and the call to nostalgia. Indeed, during this day students from Laval will come to exchange. You have to be able to talk to both old and new students. Our communication strategy was above all to privilege social networks, creativity and make communication where we do not necessarily expect it.

I left on the layout of the website of 20 years. This site would contain contests between the old and new students of the DUT MMI de Laval, the links to the portfolios of these students as well as retrospectives on the technological inventions that have marked the years.